Thursday, October 1, 2009

Billy's Family Visit

My family came for a visit to our new apt last week! I hadn't seen my sister and nephew and nieces in such a long time. It was alot of fun! Maybe next time we should pick another place to eat besides White Castle though haha!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Billy here,
This is an old Mersman end table that I fixed and customized that I'll be selling shortly on Etsy. There are something like 350 bottle caps on this thing! Thanks so much to my good buddy Jason Elsner for the sweet painting on top.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Last nite we went dumpster diving and daaaaannnnggg!!We found sooo much neato stuff!! We had to make two hauls in the car to get it all!! There were all kinds of toys in there that are in really good condition.

Billy had to run out for a moment, so I am taking over. It was the best dumpster dive in our collective histories of dumpster patrolling.

Billy's family is coming to visit soon. Like super soon, and we are wigging the heck out. Our apartment is a distaster, not the weenie man disasters most people think of when they think of a messy house. A real one. One that makes you cuss or whistle when you see it.

I work in a place where people throw away treasure. This weeks treasures were : a box of earrings, three awesome canes, and a goat magazine.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Who Bread

Abbigail eats poop.

Well, I am about to as we are making our first homemade bread tonight. You lucky ducks are getting a play by play. I got the recipe for "Who Bread" from one of my favourite crafty mama blogs, SouleMama . Her bread looked yummy and awesome, where as I am scared for the life of ours. Before we get started, Billy saw a piece of bread in my brown sugar and his world was turned upside down. Somewhere I read that if you do this, it will keep your brown sugar moist and not all clumpy and terrible. Its worked for me. Billy insisted on taking a photo. I love this man for things like this.

Step 1
You need to get your ingredients together and put them somewhere you can easily see that you have the correct ones. Sometimes you have to go to another house to get things, like we did. The floor is the best place from our experience.

Step 2

Scratch your hippy dranduffy heads . (No picture necessary)

Step 3

Get Mutant Hands.

Step 4
Put a rag on that nasty thing and wait an hour and a half for it to turn into a blob. It helps if you listen to your man whine about being hungry and maybe do some pilates to pass the time.

Step 5


Step 6

Celebrate. Good times. Come on.

Thrift pressure

Billy here.
This mornin we got off to a late start at around 12:30. The car was on e and we had no cash on us and Abby lost her credit card. So we had to drive real slow and coast most of the way to the bank. After that, we got gas and went to the post office to drop off my Etsy package. So I didn't get to work till around 3:30 or so which is extremely late for me since I usually get there at 11:oo. I work for a nice lady in Berea weedeating, paintin, and other odd jobs around the house. Anyway, she wasn't there when I arrived and the paint for todays' project was nowhere to be found so I called in. On the way home Abby begged me to stop at a flea market (even though we don't have two pennies to rub together) and so I did. It was awesome in there! We saw sooooo many things that we didn't need but couldn't live without! The salesman was very nice and entertaining, and even offered me some work painting his house for him. So the overall experience was just great! Problem is.. He sat aside 45 dollars worth of stuff for us to come back and buy!! We ain't got no dollars!! He even fronted us this cool little whale napkin holder and told us to come back and pay for it later! And he wouldn't take no for an answer. What should we do?

OMG Mullet Attack!!

Billy here.
Well, apparently over night I have grown a totally bitchin mullet! When Abbigail saw this picture she laughed so hard that she literally peed on the floor! Bwahahahaha!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

If this fridge is a'rockin', don't come a'knockin'.

We are note writers in the Abbigail/ Billy household. I am more so than Billy. He probably gets a note for every hour of the day. I like documentation, I can't help it. Every so often though I get myself a little prize like these two.

There's nothing like a butthole to make the ole heart go pitter pat.

Getting Started

Billy, Here.
I just recently made my first Etsy store. Above is the area where I make my things, like the bookplates featured below. The package on the desk is my very first sale! Go Me!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


We are Billy and Abbigail.
We live in a kindergarten annex building behind an old elementary school way out in the country. We are both makers of things, cuckoo, avid wrasslers, dumpster divers, recycling fanatics, lovers of food, and hopeless romantics. We try hard to be good, which means doing things you know you should be doing- which for us means being kind, building , making, searching for treasure, singing, growing things, exploring, learning, and being kids. We like reading about other people's lives so we thought someone might like to read about ours too.

Because, after all, we are pretty awesome.