Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I have been working more than usual, which leads to my days off being incredibly intense. Billy and I run around town with our car full of recyclables, things to sell, and things we find along the way. I like to think of us sitting in an over sized version of our boring Mercury Sable with our teeth gritted, flying around curbs on two wheels, throwing recycling in the correct bins. It isn't quite like that though.

Billy has been painting so much! I am so pround of him. These new things are so vibrant and colorful, I can't wait til he is ready to post about them here. You three people that read this thing better ooh and aah appropriately or else!

We are getting over seven hundred of Billy's postcards printed out!!! We can't wait to get in our best gear and hustle hustle hustle all over Kentucky! Dang it, I love that man! He really deserves all the success I know he is going to get. Supersigh. I really really do love that man.