Thursday, July 29, 2010

Current Events

Holy moly! Billy hurt his toe on the drive way of doom!
I made him this out of toilet paper and it healed immediately.

And so he made this!

Where have you been for so long?

Right here! At our two month old store! It has been very exciting and stressful, but most of all awesome and rewarding! Our computer and camera are both on broke butt mode, so that is why there has been no updates. We have also been understandably busy, but we are hoping to come back in full attack mode on this thing! As long as our new friends let us use their computer! Thank you friends!So our life has been store store store, but its been about some other things too. Lots of our amazing friends and family have come to see our creation. Billy worked his fingers to the bone making Lovers Live Longer Thrift Shop as magical as possible, and everyone seems to love it!
This is the counter that Billy and my dad pulled out of a burned down diner near our home. The other end of it was burned off, so they chained sawed that sucker off there and brought it to our store. It was nasty, and I do mean NASTY. I was even telling him to throw it away, and if I say that, then it's is a big ol' deal. But luckily, Billy had a vision and didn't listen to me and it is beautiful!