Wednesday, January 20, 2010

yes......we're still alive

Man, it's been a looooonng time since our last post huh?
Soooo, I guess you're prolly wondering what kind of cookoo junk we've been up to huh? Well.. I ( Billy) got a job inspecting military vests for the Army. Yay right? Nope, laid off last week. But the money was good while it lasted. We bought tons of useless crap and fast food with it naturally.
Umm, so now I've just been painting and makin music like a crazy person. Hopefully by the end of the week I will have finished three paintings and two songs. That's my goal anyway. Go me!
Abbers as been up to her usual tomfoolery. Workin the Peddlers Mall and cleaning up our messy pad. Sometimes we squeeze in a game of badmitten or tennis, ( which we are terrible at haha) or we watch some ridiculous old movie about gangsters who do grafitti lol!

That's all fer now ta ta